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Yoga Bale for personal yoga or yoga retreats

Our yoga bale overlooking a tropical food forest is available for guests to use for personal practice yoga and perfect for yoga and retreat groups. Bali Eco Stay provide yoga mats, cushions and meditation blankets. Exclusive Use RETREAT PACKAGE RATES for hiring the whole resort.

Women's Wellness Retreat Sept 24 - Oct 1, 2017

This will be the greatest gift you’ll give yourself this year! It's the ultimate in self-care and self-nurturing. Journey to the paradise you have always dreamed of where time stops, water flows and nature sings a song so bright, all you are capable of speaking are words of gratitude and love.  A wondrous paradise and experience guaranteed to reconnect you to all that's alive within and replenish your being with a new vibrancy for life and the people in it!


We live in a fast-paced world constantly flooded by activity and requests. As women our greatest strength is our desire and ability to create, nurture and contribute to the wellbeing of those around us. However finding the balance in meeting busy demands and schedules whilst responding to our own needs and desires can often present challenges and prevent us from living our truth.

In this retreat we will practice the art of mindfulness through meditation, movement, creativity & nature and explore the balance between just being and engaging in action to create meaningful, purposeful lives, aligned with our own goals and dreams!


The mornings will begin with a yoga class designed specifically to the varying needs and experience of each woman , followed by the Journey Back to Self  Program.   After a scrumptious lunch, there will be plenty of free time in the afternoons to soak up the natural environment, enjoy a beautiful massage, take a cooking class, or a traditional craft class with the local leaders. You can also swim in the fresh stream, shower under a waterfall, or take a guided bike ride from the mountain to the ocean; or even climb Mt Batukaru!

The evenings will include a wonderful feast, followed by a short program and meditation before you drift off in to a magical slumber!


  • 8 day program including morning yoga
  • 7 nights shared accommodation in breathtaking eco bungalows
  • 1 x balinese massage
  • 1 x balinese cooking class
  • Balinese Offering Workshop & Journey to temple & blessing
  • 3 hour guided nature walk - rice paddies, rainforest, waterfalls & local village
  • 3 x daily organic meals
  • Daily morning and afternoon tea, and unlimited coffee and tea
  • Unlimited natural spring-water
  • Waterfalls, natural swimming pool and cycling
  • 2 x  VIP pick-up Bali Airport & return
  • and a week soaking up an environment too beautiful to describe

INVESTMENT: $ 1880 AUD  or $1400 US

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for info  [email protected]

Writing, Yoga & Mindfulness Retreat Oct 29-Nov 7, 2017

7 days for $US1450 For more information go to
7 days for $US1450 BOOK DIRECT with Kersten and Nigel:

Yoga makes more sense in nature

Breathe in deep... it's fresh mountain air

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