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Tourist Code of Conduct - Please Read

Here in the remote mountains of northern Bali, you will be interacting with Balinese staff and local villagers who are a gentle people relatively untouched by tourism. Bali Eco Stay management ask that you observe and respect the social and cultural traditions and practices of the Balinese peoples and to recognize their worth. When talking to our Balinese staff in the resort, trekking through rice paddies or food forest, walking through local villages or attending ceremonies we ask you to observe the following:


  • Always start a conversation with “halo” and a smile
  • Introduce yourself and speak politely
  • Talk at a normal volume from a close distance. Do not yell across a room or field
  • Talk slowly and clearly with as few words as possible
  • If the Balinese do not understand you, they may just smile and say OK. Don’t presume they know exactly what you mean. Be patient: you are the one who should learn some Indonesian while in Indonesia.

Local School Dress Requirements

When visiting the local school, please refrain from wearing short shorts, and wear a sleeved shirt (no singlets).

Ceremony Dress & Behaviour Code

The local Balinese will welcome you to attend their Hindu ceremonies in nearby village temples.

  • A long sarong and sash must be worn so ask our staff to provide one if you do not have one.
  • Wear shirt with sleeves
  • Do not wear singlet or strappy tops that show shoulders or arm pits
  • Please stay with your host and follow any instructions given to you
  • Do not sit in a chair higher than a priest
  • You can partake in prayers – follow your hosts instructions
  • When trekking, do not enter a temple of any kind without a sarong and shirt

Special Note for Women

You must never enter a temple if you are menstruating!

It is foolish to think it doesn’t matter if no-one knows. We know of many cases where western women have had misadventures after entering a temple while menstruating so, apart from being offensive to the Balinese culture, you really don’t want to risk it.

Bali Dogs

We recommend you take a guide when trekking for a more informative experience, however many guests enjoy walking independently.  Carry a stick if you are concerned about local dogs; alternatively if you feel threatened, STAY CALM, and pretend to bend down and pick up a stone. You won’t need to throw it, as Bali Dog’s are generally ‘all bark’, and will retreat at this suggestion, then slowly walk away.  In the unlikely event that anyone is bitten or even receives a tiny scratch, please inform our staff immediately as rabies still occurs in Bali and immediate medical attention is required even for the smallest wound. 

Sexual Harassment

While this is rare and unexpected on our mountain, Bali Eco Stay has a strict policy of “Zero Tolerance” of sexual harassment towards staff or guests.

  • If female staff feel offended by guests actions they will report to Mini the traditional land owner and restaurant manager.
  • If male staff feel offended by guests actions they will report to Agung the traditional land owner and office manager.
  • If guests have a problem with staff or local villagers they should report to Australian owners John or Cath Blundstone

Sexual harassment behaviour by guests will lead to their prompt removal from our mountain. Serious cases will be reported to the police.

Sexual Harassment behaviour by staff or villagers will be dealt with by local Banjar. Serious cases will be reported to the police.

  • Our massage staff provide traditional Balinese massage only.
  • Do not request sexual favours or this will be treated as sexual harassment..

Both guests and staff should feel comfortable and safe knowing we have this policy in place.

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