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Bali Eco Stay... be rejuvenated... be inspired

Bali Eco Stay -  For travelers who want to experience inspirational sustainable tourism. Immerse yourself in a tropical food forest; enjoy freshly farmed and prepared Balinese cuisine; engage in  cultural activities, whilst being  surrounded by stunning organic rice fields, mountain fed streams, cascading waterfalls and  views over treetops to the ocean. On the southern slopes of Mt Batukaru, central Bali mountains.

Unique Eco Bungalows

Bali Eco Stay is a small boutique mountain resort with 8 uniquely designed Balinese bungalows and pondoks, each with a distinctively different character.
Each bungalow is a one-of-a-kind, designed for comfort, views and privacy.

Stay a while... there is plenty to do

Re-connect with nature on one of our padi and food forest treks. Nourish your body with Balinese massages, fresh mountain grown food and pure volcanic spring water.  
Enjoy our natural swimming pool and our very own waterfall. You cannot get much purer than our own Bali Eco Stay mountain spring water. Shower in it, swim in it, drink it straight from the taps. and feel good about responsible travel, high up in the mountains in the cultural heart of Bali. ACTIVITIES

The Bali Eco Stay Story

Bali Eco Stay is one of only a few eco lodges in the world to be awarded 5/5 eco rating by Eco Tropical Resorts  Read our Eco Policy & Community Projects

Our newest bungalow

Our newest bungalow, Waterfall Bungalow, has views over our waterfall. Sleep to the sound of water rushing down into the mountain stream. This bungalow sleeps up to 5 people with it's own relaxation/sleepout area below the main bedroom. MORE INFO

Meet our lovely Balinese staff

With every Balinese greeting beginning with an infectious smile, you can’t help but fall in love with this dreamlike place and it's people. This is the place to feel loved, nurtured and welcomed by our staff from the local Balinese community.

Relax with Yoga, Meditation and Retreats

Our beautiful yoga bale is available for personal use at any time or join a class with one of visiting yoga and meditation teachers. Groups can also book exclusive use of the resort for weddings, family reunions or yoga & health retreats ideal for up to 35 adults (or 27 single bed occupancy)

Yoga & Health Retreats.   Exclusive Use Rates.

Your own health retreat wellness holiday with pure spring water

Allow your body to rejuvenate with clear mountain air, organic food, massage, yoga, meditation and pure mountain spring water. We have our own private waterfall on site.
Volcanic mountain spring Water is an exceptional source of what your body needs. It can help restore the internal balance of fluids that plants, animals and human beings are composed of. Spring Water is less acidic than tap or bottled water and more in harmony with your natural fluids. Straight from the spring our water is magnetised, energised, mineralised, even the molecules are smaller and are assimilated more rapidly by our bodies. All water from our taps is local Spring Water, testing at 70 parts per million dissolvable solids. Bali bottled water tests at 159 ppm.

Bali Eco Stay - Must Love Nature

Come to Bali Eco Stay to enjoy our lovely bungalows and beautiful surroundings, but please remember we are in a remote location so expect nature at it's best.
MOBILITY:  You require a reasonable degree of physical mobility to enjoy Bali Eco Stay.  Access to all bungalows involves some steps, and the pathways can become slippery after heavy rainfall.

INSECTS:  As an eco stay, we highly value the eco system that supports us - this means co-existing with all of its inhabitants.  If you are challenged at all by the local critters that may visit your bungalow, please call room service and we will have them relocated. Sometimes, before heavy rainfall we have many flying ants that swarm lights.  They will fly elsewhere if you turn your lights out.

GETTING HERE:  It's easy if you use our driver! The road to Bali Eco Stay is a little rough for a short part of the journey as you climb up Mount Batukaru, but well worth the effort! Frequently, drivers that are unfamiliar with these parts end up in one of the many valleys to the east or west of us.  Some drivers may complain about our road so we recommend you utilize our transport service, as our drivers know the best way and will happily transport you safely to our resort. Getting here is part of the adventure and will be much more enjoyable with one of our happy confident drivers!

Eco is Communtity, Construction, Water & Waste

"Eco Tourism is responsible travel to natural areas that conserves the environment
and improves the well-being of local people"

Bali Eco Stay's restaurant and six uniquely crafted private, eco lodge bungalows set in paradise, on the southern slopes of Mount Batukaru, north Tabanan, central Bali, have been carefully constructed to blend into the mountain environment. In keeping with eco policies, the local Balinese have retained ownership of the land with funds invested by Australian hosts to create local employment and a great working model of how eco tourism can benefit all. Eco Policies

We are passionate about genuine eco policies and have worked closely with our local Kanciana village to create a model of how eco tourism can work to benefit all. Read more about Bali Eco Stay  eco policies and community projects that include all five aspects of eco tourism: building, water, waste, power and community.

Each Bali eco bungalow is located for its stunning rice paddy views and individually designed for privacy and comfort without compromising the environment. 

Bali Eco Stay is situated on the southern slopes of Mount Batukaru, north Tabanan, central Bali. The resort is hidden in a remote valley with views to the ocean south of Bali. The only lights are those of stars and fire flies and the only sounds are of running water, crickets and frogs. Enjoy all our beautiful bungalows and mountains have to offer while feeling good about treading gently on the earth.
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Bali Eco Bungalows in Indonesia (review)

Responsible Travel "We choose our operators with a deep connection with special places - people who live and work in the destination and who have fallen in love with it. So traveling with them is not just a brief stay in a hotel somewhere, it's a real connection with the people, the landscape, the culture and the environment''.

Bali Eco Stay will change the way you think about eco-tourism. Wander through rice fields & food forests. Trek in the jungle, or up the mountain. Frolic under the waterfall, swim in the mountain stream.
On an island of beautiful locations, Bali Eco Stay stands out, as one of the most beautiful. The views are breathtaking, a Balinese paradise. If you don’t do any activities, you’ll still have a great time at this eco resort.

(Batukaru mountain guest house retreat, eco lodge bungalow accommodation, in the central mountains of Bali.)

Choose Your ideal Bungalow: singles, couples, or families
book entire resort

1br/1bth sleeps 1-2 $135pn
1br/1bth sleeps 1-2  $120pn
1br/1bth sleeps 1-2 $180 pn
2br/1bth sleeps 1-4 fr $135

2br/1bth sleeps 1-4 fr $140

2br/1bth sleeps 1-4 fr $195
2br/1bth sleeps 1-5 $220pn
2br/2bth sleeps 1-5 fr $220pn

every 7th night FREE*
*Not available July Aug 

3 night family package

for 4 people from US$780 includes accommodation, meals, massages T&S + more
*Not available July Aug 

3 night romance package
for 2 people from $495

includes accommodation, meals, massages T&S + more

for weddings, yoga and health retreats, or family gatherings up to 35 people.
And again in 2017! Awarded 5 years in a row for top 10% of all accommodation businesses worldwide on TripAdvisor

"I just spent two nights in heaven, I feel completely reborn, I am awe struck at the magical power of  living water, I have been drinking fresh spring water that tastes so good, I am humbled that a glass of clean water from the earth is so rare…I also swam in the waterfalls and truly feel renewed an amazing place." Celia,

"We accidentally landed in your divine Bali Eco Stay mountain retreat and found one at the most beautiful and perfect places we have stayed in, Thank you. You have created something amazing that is eco + village friendly." Ruth & John Rudge - Accidentally Eco

5/5 highest eco score

Please read this useful information to help make your stay in the remote mountains of Bali a wonderful cultural experience, respectful of the local people who's land you are visiting.

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